The first week

  It has officially been a week of university life, which has been filled with new experiences. Β It kind of worries me that I've learned more important things in this week of university than I have in my entire high school career. First of all time management. Making your own schedule is probably the highlight... Continue Reading →

My back to school (clothing) essentials

I'll start by making a list of the most important time to make the optimal outfit choice, categorized mainly by the amount of stress that comes along with creating each ensemble. Back to school (Everyone is looking. Everyone is judging) Kanye West concert (Took me three hours and the drive from Calgary to Edmonton to... Continue Reading →


I love learning new things, but I am more than happy to say that I am done high school and am entering the real world where I can really learn the good stuff. Not that polynomial functions haven't sufficed, but theres just so much more that I want to know. So here is a short... Continue Reading →

Rawson Lake, Alberta

So I know I promised a Stampede blog but I thought I would make it next year before Stampede instead of after so that it's more helpful and easier to find. Instead I am going to write about this awesome hike I did last weekend with my friends in Kananaskis, Alberta. My friend Jake picked... Continue Reading →


Soooo I posted my first ever vlog on youtube. Im extremely nervous and excited. Mostly nervous. I have no idea how to edit videos and am awful with anything technological regardless, now I need to edit videos all on my own. I downloaded a video editor on my laptop but it isn't exactly what I... Continue Reading →


Sharing my first outfits!! I always like to throw together what I can find from my closet cause there's just endless possibilities in there. Each day I find things I really never knew I had. And some things I just wish I never bought. This first blog is going to be extremely inconsistent so I... Continue Reading →

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