Sharing my first outfits!! I always like to throw together what I can find from my closet cause there’s just endless possibilities in there. Each day I find things I really never knew I had. And some things I just wish I never bought.

This first blog is going to be extremely inconsistent so I apologize in advance, but believe me the next line up with have more to offer than awkward selfies that were meant for instagram but never got posted. Ha Ha


So this is from my day in Banff that I will be posting a youtube video on once I have it up and running. I wore this for my boyfriends families brunch in the Banff Springs Hotel. It is a bit of a fancier place so I wore a silk black dress, but added a casual look with the vans and jean jacket (which I’m not wearing in the picture)


This is a casual everyday look that I would wear to go shopping, for lunch with friends or a movie with my boyfriend. A really easy look to work with yet still ads some originality.


This is a casual look that I would wear out for dinner or to work ( depending on where you work obviously). Its still super casual and would be even more so if worn with sneakers like vans or runners, but I chose to wear this with a bit of a heal to add to the look.


Just another easy, everyday look.




This is obviously off snapchat and I’m sorry but this is a very basic going out outfit. I wore this to a club called common wealth and it was super easy to throw together and as you will soon find out, I love wearing black, especially going out.


Heres another picture of an all black outfit very similar to the previous. I added this one to show how I added a bandana and jacket to this and wore it with vans. By adding those things I changed it into an outfit that I would personally consider on the less fancier, but fitting enough to go have a bite at your favourite restaurant.

(This is one of my bff’s Harper :))))


Another awful quality picture for you. Im sorry. This outfit I also wore for going out. Following the whole fishnet trend, I threw those on with my adidas track pants and black booties and kept it simple on the top with a black crop. Threw the jean jacket over because it was winter and you just can’t go outside without something to keep you alive in -30 degree weather.


This is my most recent picture where you can see my outfit. This I wore to a concert, in the ever so popular Brandy Millville pants. I also threw on a basic black sweater crop shirt (I really don’t know what to call it) and my black booties that you will see me wear with just about everything.  To my left you will once again see Harper. She’s in my suede shorts and boob tube from Brandy.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Once again, the next blog will be much more consistent and clear, not just random pictures I chose from my camera roll.

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