Rawson Lake, Alberta

So I know I promised a Stampede blog but I thought I would make it next year before Stampede instead of after so that it’s more helpful and easier to find. Instead I am going to write about this awesome hike I did last weekend with my friends in Kananaskis, Alberta. My friend Jake picked the hike saying he’s done it many times with his family, so we packed our backpacks with snacks and were on our way.

I’d like to start off by saying that I got my first EVER speeding ticket on this trip and it went so much better than I expected. The officer was really nice and reduced my ticket by over half and I just came out of the whole thing feeling not even slightly worse about the day. I’ve always been terrified of getting a ticket and not knowing what to do if it ever happened but it really was an experience I didn’t mind having.

Moving on, Rawson Lake was a rather moderate hike but did get steep in certain areas. It however didn’t affect the overall hike and with breaks especially, it was a fairly easy trek and definitely worth the view. In total it took just under an hour to get to the lake, but if you choose to continue the trail to Sarrail Ridge, which I personally did not do,  I hear it is quite the journey.  I really enjoyed this hike because there was always things to see, you start at Upper Lake and once on the trail, it becomes forested, with a waterfall not too far in.  It was quite dry and dusty in certain areas, especially this summer because its been scorching, so make sure to bring lots of water! Overall the trail is great for a nice day trip, is easy to find and is great for not only hiking but lots of other activities! Lots of picnic tables and boaters/ fishers.

The waterfall about a quarter of the way into the  hike, and me standing in front of it.



Panorama shot of Rawson Lake. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. The water was vibrantly blue with fish jumping out every little while. The sun was falling perfectly on the side of the mountain and valley. The whole scene was jaw-dropping.

Ellen & I blocking the view.


The water was crystal clear. Jake said his dad and him would hike to the top and fish. I can’t think of a  better place to fish on top of a mountain.

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