I love learning new things, but I am more than happy to say that I am done high school and am entering the real world where I can really learn the good stuff. Not that polynomial functions haven’t sufficed, but theres just so much more that I want to know. So here is a short and sweet list of my top 5 must learn things. I do have more than just the 5, but these are the things that I am currently working on, or am expecting to be working on in in the near future. So here it is.

  1. How to conquer my fears- This might seem pretty basic as I’m sure every person reading this would also love to crush their fears and flush them down the toilet, but wanting to do this and doing it are totally different things. I’ve been working on this for some time with the illusion that whatever I’m doing is working, but then that feeling comes creeping up on you and thats it, next thing you know I’m having nightmares about whatever it is I’m afraid of for the next week.                         Something about water slides is absolutely terrifying to me. Like a water slide is the last place in the world I want to be. Ironically everyones favourite activities probably consist of waterslides.  When my brother and his girlfriend took me to a water park and forced me on the scariest slide, I did it, mostly because they gave me no other choice. They waited patiently for me at the bottom and I’m sure the whole place heard me roaring in the horizontal tube of death. Once I was spat out and had my face engulfed with pool water, everyone seemed so excited for me and for some reason thought I actually had fun. It was one of the worst experiences in my life but I didn’t want to seem like a total loser so I emerge from the bottom of the pool and try my hardest at a smile saying “it was okay”. In reality it wasn’t but I survived and that pushed me enough into positivity. I didn’t go on anymore slides for the rest of the day but when leaving I must admit I felt gutty and accomplished. To this day, I don’t think waterslides are in any way, shape or form fun, but I will go on them when necessary because I guess I can’t be scared of them forever, so slowly but surely. I am conquering my fear.                                                                                       I have many and  more reasonable fears but I won’t bore you with those. Basically I take my fear and acknowledge it, and try to do it over and over until it becomes less scary. As for fears that aren’t so easy to face, like overcoming challenges or losing someone you love, that all comes down to being present in a moment and learning as much as you can about yourself. I am still learning the best ways to conquer my fears and mainly desire to do so because the fears I have too often take over my mind and body and distract me from life, which is best lived without fear.
  2. incense, oils and sages- Im a huge believer in all the different energies that can be spread simply with these aromas. As much as I believe it however I know near nothing about them, but the more I learn, the more I am intrigued how something so little can affect my overall energy and wellness.
  3. How to edit videos- As you may know, I have been posting videos on youtube for some time now but am burdened with the feeling that they aren’t interesting mostly  because of the horrific editing skills that I unfortunately posses. It seems as though no amount of practice is getting me where I need to be. I will however continue to make blatantly boring videos because like my mama always says; practice makes perfect.
  4. Meditation- I’m happy to say that I actually know quite a bit on the topic. The word meditation comes from the latin word which I forget, but I do know that it means to exercise the mind. Its funny because in the practice, you’re actually setting your mind free. My meditation practice usually consist of sitting on my floor with my eyes closed listening to my breathing. It’s a lot harder than it seems. The point of it is to be completely present in the moment. This time is supposed to help you free yourself to find insights that are taken away by worries, regrets and chatter of everyday life.  As much as I know, I always find new ways of meditating and developing it into my life. I want be able to easily cultivate inner silence and put my spirituality into practice.
  5. Make the perfect stir-fry- My favourite food EVER is stir-fry. I know I’ve tasted the perfect one but I can’t remember when or where which is an issue that I’ve been trying to live with for some time. Its difficult knowing its out there and being unable to find it, so my solution is to make my own. So far I have been praised by my family and some friends for the one dish I know how to cook, but its just not perfect. So I’ll continue making weekly stir-fry and forcing everyone to eat it until I get it right.  If you think you may have the secret or the best recipe…. PLEASE TELL ME

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