My back to school (clothing) essentials

I’ll start by making a list of the most important time to make the optimal outfit choice, categorized mainly by the amount of stress that comes along with creating each ensemble.

  1. Back to school (Everyone is looking. Everyone is judging)
  2. Kanye West concert (Took me three hours and the drive from Calgary to Edmonton to pick this one out)
  3. Vacations (I know this isn’t just one outfit but there is minimal space in a suitcase and bringing the right stuff is essential)
  4. Instagram (I don’t know about you but my friends and I have days where we go take pictures. We don’t specifically say its for instagram but we all know it is)
  5. SCHOOL (Not just your first day, school in general. This is where I find myself most of the days and is the time to make your ultimate fashion statement)

So that being said, school is already stressful enough and if you’re leaving your hometown for school, packing can be just as bad. Personally I began packing for school about three weeks before I’m actually supposed to be leaving, and for good reason. Each day I find myself needing things I haven’t even thought of. EVERYDAY. Do you know how much packing that is??? An absurd amount and it has been wild. My room is currently full of boxes and Ikea bags and I haven’t even packed my clothes. Theres a small space where I enter my room and can walk directly to my bed, but as for the rest of my room, it looks like a natural disaster has occurred and no one (me) has volunteered to clean it.

Anyways, I want my clothes to take up minimal space as Im sure do all other students but if you’re anything like me, saying goodbye to certain pieces of clothing is like saying bye to your dog that you can’t take with you. Truly heartbreaking. But it must be done and I am here to give pointers as a fellow clothes lover of what I personally deem essential to bring to university.

Keep in mind; this is my first year so I could be giving totally false information but I’ve done my research! Countless hours of youtube videos has done me well and I am confident that I at least somewhat know what I’m talking about. So here it is.

Everyday tops. These are the tops that are supposed to make you look like you’re trying when you’re really not. I am bringing as many of these as possible because although making a fashion statement is important, you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard and you also want to feel comfortable. These tops you can wear absolutely everyday and throw them on with jeans, shorts, leggings (basically anything) and look adorable. Investing as much space for these shirts as possible will pay off, I can feel it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Jeans. Also a must. Jeans you can wear everyday and are so versatile. You can wear them to class, you can wear them when going out, anything! I am bringing 5 pairs of jeans. I need my “mom jeans”, I live in them and I just think no matter what you’re wearing you throw a pair of those bad boys on with a cute belt and you’re set. So I’m bringing two pairs of those. Ripped jeans, I think everyone knows why you need a pair of those and two pairs of black jeans also because they’re easy and black is always in. I just hope mom jeans never go out of style. Also I know leggings aren’t jeans and a lot of people don’t consider them pants (judge if you want) but I will absolutely be bringing at least one pair of those and will wear them with a basic tee or sweater when I’m having a lazier kind of day. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Sweaters. This is a big one because sweaters take up the most space. I am a sweater hoarder and bringing only a few has been a great challenge that I am still in the process of facing. A turtleneck is without a doubt a must. When fall comes around I will be living in them. A crew neck sweater that’s knitted or something of the sort is also a must because LAYERING. Those basic tees will come in handy for that too. As for hoodies and loungewear, I’m minimizing. I am bringing a crew neck and two hoodies. All of which I can still style which is super important because it is absolutely possible to look cute wearing a hoodie and leggings, don’t listen to people that say otherwise. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Outwear.  Depending on where you’re going to school you will either need more or less outwear. Personally I think a jean jacket is essential for any place because you can always throw it on to make and outfit. Im also bringing a leather jacket and an actual coat for those colder days. I’m also in the process of buying a rain jacket. How I don’t have one of those yet is beyond me. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Going out. Everyone wants to look cute going out, but it normally takes hours and lots of clothes hopping to find the perfect outfit. This year I’m going to try and keep it casual when going out especially moving to a smaller city. I’m bringing versatile tops like tank tops and body suits and your basic mesh black tee. For bottoms, jeans are always great to wear going out especially if you’re keeping it casual and Im also bringing two denim skirts, a romper and one dress. Probably three dresses. I don’t know. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

So that concludes my personal back to school essentials, minus pajamas, shoes and stuff which I didn’t think were necessary for the list but are definitely necessary to have. I’m brining more than whats in the pictures but you get the gist of it. Click the link below for my back to school video for some extra detail on the topic.



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